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8-Up Perforated Laser Teslin (10 Mils)


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This is Laser Teslin with 8 Credit Card Size Cutouts

Click Here For Detailed Info On Perforated Teslin

This laser perforated Teslin seems to be most similar to Teslin Sp but testing has been limited. If you wish to use an inkjet printer and perforated teslin we strongly recommend using the perforated Inkjet Teslin.

Perforated Teslin makes perfect IDs everytime. The cutouts are exactly the size of Credit Cards or Regular Ids. A Printing guide is available for dwnload.
Teslin is a synthetic material often used for ID Card production although it has many other uses. Teslin is a very flexible material that is waterproof and should be laminated to produce finished ID Cards. When Combined with Butterfly Laminating Pouches Teslin inserts will make a long lasting borderless ID Card, as the laminating bond between laminates and Teslin is superior to other card constructions. Use a high quality laminator for best results. Laminated Teslin Cards are longer lasting than PVC cards and the cost of the equipment to produce Teslin cards is substantially less than the cost to produce PVC cards(With a Card Printer). For The Most Secure Teslin Cards You May Use a Holographic Laminating Pouch or Add a Holographic Overlay to your Completed Card.
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