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Teslin Sample Kit

This starter pack gives you everything you need to make teslin IDs. Other than a laminator. If you aren't sure about Teslin and need to get a handle on everything to find out if it is right for your company purchase this kit. You get a sample of just about every teslin related item available and a great deal on buying the package.
1 Inkjet Teslin
1 Laser Teslin
1 SP Teslin (8 Mil)
1 5 Mil Butterfly Pouch
1 7 Mil Butterfly Pouch
1 10 Mil Blank Butterfly Pouch
1 10 Mil HiCo Butterfly Pouch
1 Holo Pouch

This kit is designed to let you figure out which items work best for you. It is a very good deal for beginners. Please note that you will need a laminator.

Limit two per customer!
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