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EZ-PVC ID Kit (2 IDs)


Price Each











This kit Contains:

Three PVC Cards|Two Holograms|3 Clear Overlays|1 Printing sheet

We give you enough supplies so that you can experiment with techniques before making the finished product. The ID you can create with this kit. Is very similar to IDs that are created with $5000+ ID Printers. If you are looking for an affordable solution for your company/organization's identification needs. You have certainly found it. This kit is a great starting package for anyone. It works with any Inkjet printer and assembly times is around 5 minutes. We have a wide range of products as well as sample kits and ID Making Supplies. Please browse our Ebay store, or email us.
The Default Kit Contains 30 Mil HiCo PVC Cards, and Key and Seal Holograms. You may include in the payment notes if you wish to change out any of these items.

100% Money Back Guaranteed

Our EZ-ID Kit has a 100% Money Guarantee Back, if you can't use our kit to make your ID, we will buy it back from you. No Risk, Satisfaction Guaranteed.
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