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Glossary of ID Related Terms

Brought to you by TheIDSupply.com

  • EZ-ID: This is our orignial system for producing high quality ids at a very low cost. This produces the same quality that expensive ID printers produce for a very small fraction of the price. EZ-ID uses PVC Cards, Printing sheets, and Overlays.
  • PVC Card: PVC is the standard for IDs. Almost all IDs are PVC based. PVC cards are tough they are not very flexible and are a type of plastic. All Credit Cards, Hotel Keys, and much more are made of PVC.
  • Hologram: A Security feature for IDs, once applied they prevent anyone from tampering with the face of the ID or the hologram will be damaged. All Holograms are self adhesive.
  • Self-Adhesive: Like a sticker. One side of our self-adhesive products is very sticky and allows you to securely apply it to a surface.
  • HQ Printing Sheets: Only available through us these are our original design sheets for making PVC IDs. HQ printing sheets allow you to print on the surface and apply it to a PVC Card. They are self-adhesive and are designed to be used in Inkjet Printers, anyone selling a similar product is selling imitation sheets which are not designed for this purpose.
  • Mil: A Measurement of Thickness. Standard PVC IDs are printed on to a 30 Mil Card and then coated with a 3-5 Mil Overlay. For a total thickness of around 35 Mils.
  • Hi-Co: High Coersivity magnetic stripe on a PVC Card or Butterfly Pouch. These are Black stripes which once encoded are more difficult to erase.
  • Lo-Co: Low Coersivity magnetic stripe on a PVC Card or Butterfly Pouch. These are brown stripes which once encoded can be accidentally erased by magnets if they come in close contact with them.
  • Butterfly Pouch: Butterfly Pouches are used to Laminate Teslin. A butterfly pouch is so named because it is connected at one end and folds over to become twice as thick. (Similar to a butterfly) A "10 Mil" Butterfly pouch is actually 20 Mils when folded over. These items combine with teslin to make an ID Card when laminated with heat.
  • Hot Laminator: A laminator that produces heat, this is required to produce ID cards using Teslin.
  • Cold Laminator: A laminator that is not generating heat, this is used to reduce air bubbles when making EZ-ID PVC cards.
  • Clear Overlay: A clear overlay is simply a clear self-adhesive laminate to protect your ID cards printed surface. They only need to be used with our EZ-ID PVC card methods. They are slightly smaller on all sides of the PVC Card to ensure they do not overlap the edges.
  • Teslin: A synthetic paper. Teslin is used to make an ID by printing on it and then using a hot laminator and a butterfly pouch to form an ID Card. Ids created with Teslin are durable and flexible. Teslin accounts for around 10% of all IDs. Teslin is sold either perforated or unperforated and comes in various sizes.
  • Perforated: Perforated Items do not require cutting out. If teslin is perforated it is surrounded by dotted edges and the card can be pushed out with out tearing the outer area. Perforated is generally more expensive but often times worth the added costs.
  • Unperforated: Unperforated Items require that the ID be cut out manually from the larger sheet.
  • Inkjet Teslin: Printable by standard printers, if you aren't sure if you have an Inkjet printer you most likely do.
  • SPID Teslin: A type of Teslin that is designed for Laser printers but works in very few Inkjets.
  • SP Teslin: Standard Teslin works in Laser Printers, Offset Presses, and most Inkjets.
 1.Seals and Keys Hologram
 2.Clear Overlay (2 Mils)
 3.Manual ID Printing Sheet (Inkjet)
 4.30 Mil Hico PVC Cards
 5.20 Mil PVC Cards
 6.30 Mil Blank PVC Cards
 7.10 Mil Blank PVC Cards
 8.10 Mil HiCo Butterfly Pouch
 9.EZ-PVC ID Kit (2 IDs)
10.Clear 10 Mil Butterfly Pouch
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